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Providing solutions for the defence industry
AMADA MIYACHI EUROPEAMADA MIYACHI EUROPE is a reliable and customer oriented business partner who honors confidentiality. AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE has acquired a wealth of experience over the years and works closely wiith partners in the defence industry who are looking for reliable and robust solutions.

MIYACHI, MIYACHI PECO, MIYACHI EAPRO and MIYACHI UNITEK products deliver solid connections and mark components efficiently. Our robust technologies enable the defence industry to manufacture standard or custom-built components designed for engines, displays and sensors. 

Our laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding reflow soldering, ACF laminating, heat sealing and heat staking technologies are used in radars and in LCD screens, connectors, batteries, detectors and engines.

These technologies allow our business partners to join, to identify and to customise materials made of metal and plastic with state-of-the art products.

Renowned enterprises who have established solutions or research new applications take full advantage of the results delivered with Miyachi products. 

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