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Our valuable customers enjoy MIYACHI EAPRO hot bar solutions as an integral part of the production process to connect, to reflow, to solder, to bond or to automate components in a very reliable and very sustainable fashion for more than 25 years now. MIYACHI EAPRO hot bar, reflow soldering, heat staking and ACF Laminating products are in use in a variety of modern high-tech application fields in the Automotive, Electronics, IT&Multimedia and Aerospace industries.


MIYACHI EAPRO is one of four brands offered by AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE located in Munich, Germany and in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with modern production facilities developing, producing and servicing solutions offered to our European customer base. As a global player, MIYACHI EAPRO products are also offered by five European sales offices located in Derby, UK - Budapest, Hungary - Turin, Italy - Paris, France and Prague, Czech Republic.

Famous MIYACHI EAPRO products are the UNIBOND, the DT series Pulsed Heat or Constant Heat versions, the EMERALD series and the UNFLOW power supply series