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Over the past 50 years, Miyachi Europe has acquired extensive knowledge to build Resistance Welding,
Laser Marking, Laser Welding and Hot bar systems. Experienced system builders, premium medical device manufacturers, high-tech electronic component suppliers and modern plants in the automotive industry value Miyachi Europe production systems either as a standard machine or as a customised solution built according to individual specifications.
New 35-watt laser marker from Miyachi europe
Miyachi Europe exhibits at Eurowelding in nitra, Slovakia from May 24 to 27
Miyachi's new ML-7340C can laser mark products, materials or components of a circular shape efficiently and reliably. Feel free to click on the link below and learn more about how the Miyachi laser marker performs. Contact us to learn more about the many laser marking features of the Miyachi ML-7340C.
Miyachi Europe exhibits at Eurowelding 2011 in Nitra,
Slovakia from May 24 to 27. Explore the potential of various technologies we can offer for your individual applications. Book a live demo of the latest MIYACHI laser marking, unique MIYACHI PECO or MIYACHI UNITEK resistance welding and versatile MIYACHI EAPRO hot bar solutions at either one of these trade shows today.
Miyachi Miyachi PECO Miyachi EAPRO Miyachi UNITEK
Feature: New Hot bar power supply UNIFLOW 3
Uniflow-3 is a new power supply for Hot bar reflow soldering, Heat-Seal bonding, ACF-Laminating and Heat-Staking technologies. Utilising pulsed heat technology, the Uniflow-3 power supply provides targeted heating and precision temperature control for a variety of joining applications in the production of cellular phones, LCD monitors, laptops, disk drives, dashboards, satellite navigation systems, home audio and video, calculators, cameras, electronic games, CD players, cockpit instrumentation, medical devices and more...
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Miyachi Europe delivers reliable and sustainable business solutions for our valuable partners in Automotive, Electronics, Batteries, Solar Cells, IT & Multimedia, Medical, Aerospace and Defence. Visit our technology library and explore our versatile competencies in laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding, hot bar bonding and automated system engineering. Contact us today and learn more about a MIYACHI, PECO, EAPRO or UNITEK solution feasible to your requested application.
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