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Since mid September 2011 Miyachi Europe offers online chat to all interested web users. Experts in six countries respond to your questions in up to six languages. Make use of this new business service from Miyachi Europe and chat with us today.
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Medtec, Motek, welding week and productronica 2011
Nieuwsbrief/newsletter/2011-03-MEA100A-2011.jpg New AC welding power supplies replace Phasemaster
6 and 7
Visit us at Medtec in Cork, Ireland booth #116, from October 5 to 6, at Motek in Stuttgart, Germany in Hall 1 Booth #1006 from October 10 to 13, at Welding Week in Antwerp, Belgium from October 18 to 21 and at productronica in Munich, Germany in Hall B2 Booth #211 from November 15 to 18, 2011. As market leader in laser marking, laser welding, resistance welding and hot bar technologies Miyachi Europe's innovative products allow you to explore new applications. Make an appointment today and get a live demonstration at our booths.
Miyachi Europe offers a variety of AC welding power supplies which are designed to meet the specific needs of individual applications. In addition to the MIYACHI PECO ISQ series the new MIYACHI MEA-100 is now available. Both products are a perfect alternative to the discontinued Phasemaster 6 and 7 series from MIYACHI UNITEK. The MEA-100 offers four welding control modes, thirty-one pre-programmable weld schedules, easy programming with seven keys and the option to set upper and lower limits to monitor the weld quality.
Miyachi Miyachi PECO Miyachi EAPRO Miyachi UNITEK
Stable and premium soldering processes at minimum cycle times
Robotic Soldering is a technological solution offered by Miyachi Europe for both point and line soldering applications. Using the latest technology in closed loop iron control and robotic practices precision production processes can be achieved. Miyachi Europe offers a variety of innovative robots designed for precise high speed assembly applications. The JR Series Desktop robots minimize footprint and maximize efficiencies in assembly line operations. The Janome Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm (SCARA) is the perfect solution for assembly line automation. Miyachi Europe offers to integrate the entire robot into in-line systems.
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Miyachi Europe delivers reliable and sustainable business solutions for our valuable partners in Automotive, Electronics, Batteries, Solar Cells, IT & Multimedia, Medical, Aerospace and Defence. Visit our technology library and explore our versatile competencies in laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding, hot bar bonding and automated system engineering. Contact us today and learn more about a MIYACHI, PECO, EAPRO or UNITEK solution feasible to your requested application.
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