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On November 9, 2011 Miyachi Europe GmbH celebrated the expansion of its completely renovated and modernised production facility with the mayor of Puchheim, Germany Dr. Herbert Kränzlein. The plant's main production hall has doubled in size providing additional space for production, application and technical service. According to David Fawcett, Miyachi Europe’s Chief Operating Officer, the expanded manufacturing facility will improve turnaround time, facilitate equipment operations, and provide increased space for producing goods and conducting technical services. “We are excited to expand and to modernise our manufacturing capabilities to be better able to serve our customers,” said Dave Fawcett.
Nieuwsbrief/newsletter/mm-370B.jpg New portable MIYACHI Weld Checker MM-370B
Nieuwsbrief/newsletter/ADAM_Weld_Monitor-small.jpg New MIYACHI UNITEK resistance welding analysis tool ADAM
The new portable MM-370B weld checker can measure current, voltage, force and displacement simultaniously. The 5" color display provides precise graphical waveforms of each parameter. It is now equipped with a USB port to im- and export data saved conveniently. This weld checker has the capability to overlay multiple waveforms on a single screen, and the weld monitor can also be used to view, optimise, document and monitor the weld over time.
At productronica 2011 Miyachi Europe launched the new resistance welding analysis tool ADAM which is now available. The Advanced Data Analysis Monitoring tool measures current, voltage, force and displacement. It has an easy to set up interface with a large monitor, high resolution sensors and shows production run screens, histogram and process results. This allows the users to collect valuable data historically and monitor production continously including parameter recommendations for future settings.
Miyachi Miyachi PECO Miyachi EAPRO Miyachi UNITEK
Versatile and compact MIYACHI Inverter Power Supply IPB 5000
MIYACHI IPB-5000A is a reliable, compact and affordable inverter power supply for insulated wire welding, spot welding, thermal cut-off, resistance soldering and brazing of small parts. It has an integrated interrupt function of welding sequences, displays various monitoring functions on a color screen and an overcurrent detection. Its self-diagnostic functions make error messages transparent and allow for continuous quality inspection throughout the entire production cycle.
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