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Miyachi Europe Corporation E-Newsletter - Edition 1 - 2010
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Medtronic install 7th laser seam welding system DVS Bi-annual Resistance Welding conference
Miyachi deliver premium heat staking solutions Explore laser marking applications on YouTube
Medtronic install 7th laser seam welding system
Miyachi Europe Corporation has delivered its seventh fully automated system for laser seam welding devices to Medtronic. These systems are in full operation worldwide in Medtronic’s production facilities for implantable pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. The key features of the system are random product mix, automatic tool changer, integrated vision system for weld contour correction, controlled atmosphere and automated product transport. It is integrated in a shop floor control system and is capable of producing hermetically sealed devices at an amazingly fast rate.
Miyachi deliver premium heat staking solutions
Heatstaking is a temperature controlled process to join two or more parts together where at least one material is plastic. De-forming of the plastic is done by heating the plastic above its glass-transition temperature and applying pressure to form a well-defined compression of the material. The use of temperature widens the range of staking applications to a broader spectrum of thermoplastic materials such as glass-filled plastics. A visual summary of feasible applications is now made available in both PDF and video format.
DVS Bi-annual Resistance Welding conference
On December 16, 2009 Miyachi Europe GMBH was the proud host of the bi-annual conference the DVS (Deutscher Verband für Schweissen und verwandte Verfahren e.V.) council held in Munich, Germany. The DVS council is a group of resistance welding experts who explore methods and applications feasible in production and in quality control. Susumu Ueda, Managing Director of Miyachi Europe GmbH welcomed Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Greitmann, Head of the DVS Council, and his 19 council members. The group shared information and ideas in presentation and workshop format and enjoyed the latest resistance welding news on a tour in the Miyachi Europe applications lab.
Explore laser marking applications on YouTube
Miyachi Europe has made the latest laser marking applications visible in a video on YouTube. A variety of applications are possible with our ML-7320C fiber laser marker. This unique device which offers the lowest possible cost of ownership marks metal and plastic materials efficiently and reliably. View more online on YouTube.
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