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Miyachi Europe Corporation E-Newsletter - Edition 1/4 - 2009
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New Miyachi E-Newsletter - Designed 4 you Laser Welding at its Best – ML-6700
Next Generation Laser Marking – ML-7320B Excellent connections - Micro Resistance Welding, by PECO
New Miyachi E-Newsletter - Designed 4 you
Miyachi Europe is very pleased to announce Edition 1 of the new E-Newsletter. The Miyachi E-Newsletter will be distributed four times per calendar year covering 4 varying topics each. Feel free to click on the web link below and learn more about each topic. The E-Newsletter will be made available in many European languages and will be Emailed to you automatically. Should you wish to unsubscribe, please click on the link „Unsubscribe“ below. The E-Newsletter will be made available in several languages. If you want to contact a Miyachi representative, please find more details below.
Next Generation Laser Marking – ML-7320B
Miyachi's new ML-7320B Yb: fiber laser marker is designed for high speed laser marking, laser engraving, and laser ablation resulting in high contrast marks on both plastics and metals. With all the advantages of fiber technology, user configurable options and unique features the ML-7320B can be tailored for optimized production.
Laser Welding at its Best – ML-6500
Need a perfect solution for spot and seam welding of foils to sheet metals, plastic welding, and cutting? Check out our new high power 300W fiber laser ML-6500 which achieves welding and marking of foils to sheet metals. The cycle time can be shortened thanks to high speed pulse control; which is ten times faster than the existing models. The ML-6500 is designed to perform high quality fine welding. Send us your sample today and allow us to show you how to support your application.
Excellent connections - Micro Resistance Welding, by PECO
In May 2008, MIYACHI and PECO joined forces and combined their activities together with UNITEK and EAPRO in Europe. The new Miyachi Europe Corporation offers Micro Resistance Welding competence all under one roof. A well-known expert in the automotive, electronics, medical and aerospace industries describes and visualises proven MRW technology used in automotive and electronics applications.
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