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Miyachi Europe Corporation   E-Newsletter - Edition 2/4 - 2009
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New Software Download option available Solutions and Parameter Development for Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers
Laser Variety for Micro Machining from Miyachi New Systems Brochure available from Miyachi
New Software Download option available
Miyachi Europe now offers to download software updates conveniently. Should you have or will receive Miyachi or PECO equipment and need a software update you can either go to the bottom of our home page or to the Technical Support section of our website and click on a link. This link explains the next steps to you. After a short approval process you are allowed to download the software stored on a separate ftp server within 24 hours.
Laser Variety for Micromachining from Miyachi
In its 2009 Annual Book, the Lasermagazin published an article about laser technology which more than 14000 German speaking readers noticed. Under the title „Laser marking and laser welding of small to medium-sized workpieces are best accomplished with special-purpose laser systems. Miyachi Europe announces several new developments for such applications.“ Miyachi Europe has also made this editorial available to our valued English speaking community.
Solutions and Parameter Development for Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers
Miyachi Europe's Sander Dorrestein and Frank Sonnemans are renowned and well-known experts in the laser marking and laser welding communities. Our Miyachi – formerly known as UNITEK and EAPRO - colleagues took the time to prepare a white paper which describes the challenge of micro welding applications which have been successfully implemented using pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers.
New Systems Brochure available from Miyachi
By popular demand, Miyachi Europe has created a new Systems brochure. This document which is available as pdf now answers frequently asked questions received from the increasing community of system builders, machine integrators, equipment manufacturers and refiners. Learn more about Miyachi’s areas of expertise, the project management guidelines, our systems workflow and the wide range of laser, hot bar and resistance welder products feasible for your individual applications. Order your Systems brochure pdf today.
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