Resistance Welding Compacting

C16, C16-D, C25, C70 - Compacting Equipment

C16, C16-D, C25, C70 - Compacting Equipment

Resistance Welding compacting is ideally suited for stranded wires. It applies an even, intense and massive compression.

Compacting Units C16, C 16-D, C25 and C70

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers a variety of compacting units which are designed to meet the specific needs of individual applications. The following list of applications and benefits is just a general overview. For more details please consult the Technical Data Sheet which can be downloaded under "More information" or visit the Technologies section of this website.


High-quality requirements
Copper strand compacting



Maximum process stability
Excellent reproducibility
Premium reliability
High grade of weld
Outstanding economic efficiency
Minimised maintenance

Should you be interested in the compacting unit C 16-D, the following illustration may give you a suitable reference:


 For more technical specfications, product illustrations and dimensions also refering to C16, C25 and C70 please refer to the Technical Data Sheet which can be downloaded in "More Information" or visit the Technologies section of this website..