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In our continous efforts to provide excellent customer service and to offer a modern data stream infrastructure, AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE is pleased to provide a new service to our valuable customers. 

A selection of software is now available for download as follows:
1. Please complete the form below and send us an e-mail with your software download request.
2. Within 48 hours on business days MAMADA MIYACHI EUROPE will respond to you by reviewing your request and sending you a link to a ftp server.
3. The ftp link will be accessible for 24 hours, 48 hours or a week. This will be communicated in the confirmation Email. For safety reasons the download link will be turned inactive once the time is expired or the software was downloaded successfully.

AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE can not guarantee the functionality, the uptime and the accessibility of this service and/or of this software at any time as these heavily depend on the user ability to download and run the software in the necessary fashion.


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