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    Resistance Welding SystemAMADA MIYACHI EUROPE provides proven technologies with a long tradition as market leader in micro-connection also known as PECO, UNITEK and EAPRO brand.  Miyachi combines its PECO and UNITEK competencies into one full range of resistance welding products such as inverter power supplies, HF, AC/DC and capacitor discharge welding. Miyachi also offers monitoring and testing devices as well as fixtures and accessories.

    Contact AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE to find out how to implement a resistance welding system into
    your production process. 

    Resistance Welding Applications

    Resistance Welding applications


    Resistance Welding System Benefits:

    The combination of a wide range of standard resistance welding equipment, application research labs, in-house engineering and a global service network give us a unique advantage to build resistance welding systems.

    AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE will turn your system configuration into a turnkey solution for your efficient daily operation. We are committed to delivering customised solutions that meet your needs and provide added value in your working environment.

    AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE has a proven track record of systems completed successfully as fully or semi-automated units. Typical applications are hard metal sawblade, lacing compacting, hot crimp, compacting, round tact table and flexible axis systems.

    In addition, Miyachi offers solutions for system builders specialised in weld modules with integrated component positioning and has extensive knowledge in engineering to integrate components with system suppliers.

    Our in-house design and construction department gladly checks the feasibility of your successfully analyised application and describes and visualises a concept which perfectly meets your needs. 

    Confidential handling of your sensitive requests is ensured under NDA if requested. 

    Enjoy maximum process stability, excellent reproducibility and a high grade of weld with our reliable and proven resistance welding systems.

    Our proven technologies enable the Automotive, Electronics & Solar Cells, IT & Multimedia, Medical, Aerospace and Defence industries to laser weld a variety of applications.

    Automotive Medical IT & Multimedia



    Resistance Welding Systems
    Resistance Welding System Capabilities
    Saw Blade Welding Systems
    NOVA3 Resistance Welding Workstations
    Hot Crimping Systems
    AWS3 - Active Welding System and Components
    AWS3 - Servo Motorised
    AWS3 - Pneumatic
    ISQ Series - Inverter Power Supply
    MFP-NC Series - Motor Control
    MFP60 - Low Force Weld Head
    MFP25 - High Precision Weld Head
    MFP1 and MFP2 - AWS3 Weld Heads
    MFP1-Z and 2-Z - AWS3 Weld Pincers
    AWS3 Touchscreen Panel - Weld Monitoring
    MIYACHI PECO Power Supplies
    ISQ Series - Inverter Power Supply
    M2, M4 Series - AC Control