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  • Robotic Soldering

    AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers robotic soldering solutions for both point and line soldering applications. Using the latest technology in closed-loop iron control and robotic practices, precision production processes can be achieved.

    Robotic Soldering Benefits
    Robotic SolderingThe robot is developed for stable and premium soldering processes at the same or even less cycle times than manual soldering.  

    Robotic Soldering Products
    AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE offers a variety of innovative robots designed for precise high speed assembly applications.

    The JR Series Desktop robots are designed to minimize footprint and maximize efficiencies in assembly line operations. This design increases the efficiency of operators in order to reduce labour content. With the JR Series robots, assembly line operators stay busy loading and unloading fixtures while the robot is performing precision assembling tasks.

                 Robotic Soldering applications

    The Janome Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm or SCARA is the perfect solution for assembly line automation. Flexibility of the Janome SCARA allows implementation on fully automated assembly lines or operator controlled work cells. The SCARA robot’s internal sequencer allows programmable control of external equipment or conveyors. Vision offset capabilities allow the Janome SCARA to adapt to part placement variations.

    Our robotic soldering software allows programming of 16 different soldering conditions from easy to understand menus.

    With the use of a Geyan-feeder, solder balls and spattering have been eliminated in the soldering process. Options are available for wet sponge or blow tip cleaning. The robots are capable of being programmed for nearly any point or line soldering application available.
    For more information on our product line, please click on the related products below.

    Robotic Soldering Applications
    Typical soldering processes are:
    • Touch-up or resoldering of solder spot after soldering bath
    • Soldering on the component side of PC board for jumper wires, connectors, switches and so on
    • Making solder joints between PCB
    • Through Hole Solder applications
    • Making solder joints between pins and housing on the board
    • Making solder joints between metal frame and PCB
    • Soldering of odd shaped components with leads at SMD- PCB

    On your specific requirements we design and integrate the entire soldering robot into your system.

    Robotic Soldering is applied in many industries, such as  Automotive, IT & Multimedia, Electronics & Solar Cells, Aerospace, Defence and Medical.

    Automotive IT & Multimedia Electronics & Solar Cells



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